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My journey into the world of creating explainers began during my time at Absolute Radio, where I worked for the UK's largest breakfast commercial radio show. I wanted to enhance the show's audio by adding visuals that would captivate website visitors, email subscribers and social media audiences.

That's when I came up with the idea of using animation, which seemed both innovative and exciting. However, the cost and timeline estimates proved to be extortionate and beyond what could be afforded...

Countless providers were demanding fees that exceeded my annual salary!

However, during that time, I had a conversation with a provider whose candid approach continues to inspire me to this day. Due to the hundreds of productions we needed, he suggested animating them myself.

Hundreds of animations and years later, word was really starting to spread about the uniquely creative productions I was producing at breakneck speed, for just a fraction of the established industry rates. You can learn more about this here!


Companies began approaching me, identifying the commercial potential of my animations for their firms.

Starting with a children's book and a prestigious radio awards show, word has never stopped spreading. Today, I have had the honour of serving clients in over 15 countries, from multinationals to one-man bands, without straying from the very thing that drove me into this industry: the frustration of excessively high prices and unnecessarily long timelines, all added to by a lack of creativity, which is the antithesis of the creative, engaging, and commercially rewarding explainers we create here at Your Video Partner!


What initially propelled me into this industry continues to fuel my daily mission. The lengthy timeframes, sky-high prices, and absence of creativity plaguing the animation space were and still are the things I strive to defy. I can continue moving in this direction as this is a lifestyle business for me, which allows me to keep ideation high with timeframes and prices being impressively low. When I take on a new client, their explainer becomes my focus and mission. Let's make your explainer my next mission!


Your Video Partner is dedicated to exceeding client objectives through custom-made videos, underpromising and overdelivering, all while upholding the highest levels of integrity.


Whether you're looking to skyrocket conversions for cold website traffic, introduce an exciting but complex offering to your devoted clients, or ignite engagement among your social media followers, we have extensive experience working with a wide range of clients pursuing a variety of business objectives. We possess the expertise and know-how to create compelling videos built around your specific goals, propelling you toward new levels of success, whatever that looks like for you!

Whether it's timeframes, ideation, or quality, we pride ourselves on being unrivaled in these areas. But we don't stop there. We consistently go the extra mile to surpass even our own promises in these and other areas. This will become self-evident when we collaborate, but don't just take my word for it. Instead, take a moment to review the feedback we've recieved from a few of our esteemed clients. See for yourself the impact we've made here.



When it comes to working with YVP, what you see is exactly what you get, and it all stems directly from me (Samuel, the owner). I will be your personal point of contact from kick-off to sign-off. Because this is a lifestyle business for me, I deliberately choose to work with a limited, handpicked group of clients throughout the year, who I can consistently overdeliver for and foster into a collection of raving fans. That way they know they've found the best kept secret in the animation space! Why not join them?


Get in touch with us today! Click the link to book a Free Brainstorm Session.

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